AAI Coach Interview: Brittany Chin, RD


AAI Coach Interview: Brittany Chin, RD

AAI Coach Brittany Chin, RD

Brittany is a Registered Dietitian with her Certification in Adult Weight Management, and is the Content Marketing Manager for Pure Barre Corporate in Spartanburg, SC. She also has experience working as a Health Coach, using motivational interviewing skills in her previous position with an advanced lipid testing company. Brittany received her B.S. in Nutrition and Dietetics from Syracuse University, and completed her dietetic internship at the Medical University of South Carolina. Nutrition communications is Brittany's passion, and she is currently obtaining her Master's of Science in Health Communications from Boston University. Brittany has volunteered with her local and state dietetic association for over 4 years, having served as the Piedmont Dietetic Association President and the South Carolina Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics PR-Media Chair. She was named PDA's Recognized Young Dietitian of the Year in 2013. In her free time, Brittany cooks and blogs at TheHealthyBachelorette.com with one of her best friends that she met in her dietetic internship at the Medical University of South Carolina. 

What is your best advice that you give your AAI clients applying to dietetic internships?

My best advice would be to do your research and find the best match for your skills! Don't be afraid to take a risk on location, it will be an amazing experience to grow both personally and professionally.

What was your personal DI application "story"?

I applied to 7 dietetic internships! I mainly applied to internships in the South East, as I was over the snow, but also applied to Syracuse because I loved the program. Luckily, I got my first choice and attended Medical University of South Carolina! I love how diverse the program was, and it gave me wide range of skills. Much of what I learned from my preceptors I took with me to my first job, since there was no official "training" on the job. My dietetic internship really prepared me for what was to come! To prepare for the DI application, I had a lot of community experience having worked with the New York State Department of Health (over 500 hours). I also volunteered in a hospital, shadowed a clinical RD, worked with the local Food Bank and held a position as a Dietary Clerk for food service experience. I was President of my student dietetic association for two years, and was involved in other leadership roles on campus as well. Syracuse University helped me discover my love for health writing, and I published several articles for the campus health magazines. More info here: http://brittanychinrd.com/education/

How did you get through the stress of applying?

I managed the stress of applying to so many dietetic internships by doing my research early on. I knew in my Sophomore year that MUSC was high up on my list, and using the All Access Internships tools helped me compare the program to others to find the perfect fit. My DPD program had a very structured class that helped us complete each part of the application on time. Overall, using my planner  (just like I do now) helps me meet deadlines.

What mistakes did you make when applying to DIs?

The biggest mistake I made when applying to dietetic internships was worrying after I had submitted my rankings. It all worked out just the way it was supposed to, and I wish I had gotten more sleep during that time.

What is your most favorite memory as a dietetic intern?

Overall, the friendships I made while at MUSC helped make South Carolina “home” for me. I still stay in touch with my internship director, preceptors, and fellow interns. This year alone I have attended the weddings of two of my friends who were in the internship with me, and it’s always so fun to reconnect. We have annual Mountain weekends where we all get together and drive from our respective new homes to meet up for a weekend of dietitian fun with our significant others! I feel so fortunate to have such a close group of friends!

What do you currently do now as an RD

I just accepted a new position as the Content Marketing Manager at Pure Barre Corporate. Previously, I was a Health Coach for a start-up company and counseled patients based off of a their advanced lipid test. It only took a year before I realized I wanted to work in health communicatoins, and I started to manage their blog content leading a group over 15 RDs and exercise physiologists. When I left my previous company, I was overseeing their content calendar, had written/edited over 500 blogs and managing their social media outlets….all while balancing counseling patients on cardiovascular disease and diabetes. I decided to seek out a position in full time wellness marketing a few months ago, and I love it! I manage and copy write the content for Pure Barre’s blog, website and more. I also am their community manager and interact with clients on social media. It’s a dream come true for me!

What do you love about being an RD?

My RD journey so far has taught me how valuable our nutrition and wellness knowledge is. I love how diverse an RDs career path can be. My experience counseling patients has given me insight into the Pure Barre client that will help further the brand. Anything is possible – be creative and know that you have a very valuable skill that is desirable!