AAI Coach Interview: Katie Proctor, RDN


AAI Coach Interview: Katie Proctor, RDN

Katie is one of the original All Access Internships co-founders and, as a coach, remains dedicated to students in their internship search and application process. Katie has been a highly sought after AAI coach for more than 5 years. Throughout her undergraduate career, Katie served on the selections committee of many highly competitive organizations and advisory boards, and provides a unique perspective on how to work application letters and interviews. She also served on the intern selection committee during her dietetic internship.

Katie holds a B.S. in Dietetics and minors in business and Spanish from Kansas State University, where she graduated cum laude with honors. She completed her dietetic internship at Vanderbilt University Medical Center in Nashville, TN. Katie works full-time in consumer marketing for an organic food company in Denver, CO. Her past work and internship experience includes an international PR agency, supermarket nutrition communications and sports nutrition. She also maintains an active blog for young professionals, Healthy & Happy Hour. 

What is your best advice that you give your AAI clients applying to dietetic internships? 

Invest the time tailoring each letter of application to the internship. Now is not the time to take shortcuts and copy/paste the name of the internship into each letter, especially not for your top choices. Imagine the committee reviewing hundreds of applications in a short period of time. Everyone starts to look the same on paper. How are YOU going to stand out? In my opinion, it’s by showing that you’ve researched the program and making a case for not only why they are a fit for you, but why you are a fit for them. 

What was your personal DI application "story"? 

I had very nontraditional work/internship experiences, and those were a big part of my story. I tied those into my strengths of taking initiative and asking for what I wanted, which is how I landed most of those positions in the first place. I then shared how I would use those strengths to be a positive contributor to the internship program, based on that program’s specific focus.

How did you get through the stress of applying?

Start early! Do not wait until the last minute to gather your materials and start writing your letters of application. You want to have the luxury of time so that you can research, get feedback, edit, etc. to get your letters in the best possible state before submitting them. Lack of preparation and a “rush job” is clearly communicated to the application review committee.

What mistakes did you make when applying to DIs? 

I only applied to 4 internships, each were pretty competitive. Knowing what I know now, I probably would have added a few more to be safe.

What is your most favorite memory as a dietetic intern? 

The lifelong friendships that I made. And of course, dressing up in a banana suit and mom jeans – don’t ask! You’ve got to be ready for anything, especially when it comes to entertaining and engaging audiences.

What do you currently do now as an RD?

I am a brand manager for an organic food company in Boulder, CO and recently graduated with my MBA. I also run a health/fitness coaching business on the side.

What do you love about being an RD?

I love the variety and flexibility. You could change your job so many times while still using your degree! Not many people can say that.