Dietetic Intern Interview- Tawnie Kroll


Dietetic Intern Interview- Tawnie Kroll



Name:  Tawnie Kroll


Age: 22


Dietetic Internship Program: Fresno State


Was this your first time applying for a dietetic internship?


Yes! I was matched my first time!:)


What do you believe was the part of your application that set you above other applicants?


I made sure my letters of recommendation were from people who would speak highly of me: my DPD director, 2 RDs I’ve worked with, and a professor. Also, work/volunteer experience…I had a ton! Being able to show you have time for school, a job, and volunteer hours tells a lot about you. The directors like to see well rounded individuals, not just a student with a 4.0 with zero experience.


What during your collegiate career do you think aided in your success as a dietetic internship applicant?


I built a wonderful rapport with my professors. If you have a passion for the field of dietetics, others will be able to see that shining through you. My professors knew this is what I wanted, and wanted to support me. Also, staying focused and ORGANIZED!


What are your short term and long term goals?


My short-term goal during and after the internship is to build a strong base of contacts by networking with RD’s in the community. I also see myself being a clinical RDN after I pass the RD exam. I appreciated my time learning what a clinical RD’s typical day is like and going to a patient’s room to discuss their next steps. I found the challenge of working with culturally diverse patients to be exciting and it was interesting how cultural differences tied in with nutritional goals. My long-term goal is to be a social media RD. I traveled to Houston, TX in October 2013 for the Food and Nutrition Conference and Expo and networked with many inspiring RDs. Going to FNCE gave me even more drive to become a nutrition expert and actually being able to meet with a social media RD gave me more excitement to reach my long-term goal.


What are you most excited to do during your internship?


Everything!! :) I am most excited to apply what I have learned in my undergraduate career to this internship. It is one thing to work on a case study from a book, but when you are face-to-face with that individual it is completely different. I know I will be learning something new every day, and to me…that is exciting in itself.


What advice would you have for people applying to dietetic internships?


- Start DICAS early. You will not want to wait until the last minute!

- Have several people edit/review your personal statement. Individualize your personal statement for each internship you apply to as well.

- Strong letters of recommendation!!

- Read all directions for applying to the internship very carefully. Some specifically want only 3 letters of recommendation and will list certain people they need to be from.

- Lastly…stay positive! It can be a stressful time, but I know you can do it!!