As I close in on my final year of school before applying to my Dietetic Internship much of my free time is spent networking, meeting with RDNs who have dream jobs, shadowing in nutrition clinics, and volunteering for organizations that have a focus on food. Through these experiences, I’ve met many wonderful people that I can’t thank enough for spending time with me. After scouring the internet for several hours (!!) in search of the perfect way to say thank you, I’ve finally come up with a thank you package that I send out to all of the wonderful mentors that help pave the way to my future dietetics career.

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The Perfect Thank You Package | All Access Internships

For me, a thank you gift needs to be thoughtful, personal, and truly display how thankful I really am.

My thank you packages are complete with three components:

  • Foodie card (if it says Thank You, that’s a bonus!)
  • Healthy and homemade granola bars (recipe included!)
  • A thoughtful note

The Perfect Thank You Package | All Access Internships

The foodie card:

The Perfect Thank You Package | All Access Internships

Where can you find fun foodie cards? Check out these links below!

The healthy granola bars:

The Perfect Thank You Package | All Access Internships

Here are a few healthy granola bar recipes (make sure to write the recipe on a card and include it in your package!):

And finally, make sure to include the thoughtful note, arguably, the most important part of the entire package. Write from your heart, and make sure to include details about your experience with the individual highlighting your favorite parts and things that you learned.

Put all of these items together, mail them in a flat rate shipping box, and your mentor will have no doubt about how thankful you are to have learned from them.