You’re a dietetics student. You’re expected to get amazing grades, volunteer all of the time, know the metabolism of every nutrient, and do just about a million other things. We’re pretty amazing, but what happens when you get overwhelmed? Step back, take a breath, grab a fresh cup of kombucha, and read this list.

1. Trust the process.

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2. Take it one day at a time.

It’s good to plan ahead, but make sure to focus on the present and enjoy the time in your life where your main job is learning.

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3.  Try to make your class schedule manageable.

Taking ochem with MNT and metabolism may seem like a good idea until test day rolls around, so try to space out the tough classes each semester.

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4. Don’t be afraid to say no.

Too much on your plate? Don’t shy away from stepping back if it is something that you aren’t really interested in or just isn’t a priority.

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5. Talk to your professors!

They are there for you and have a wealth of knowledge in the field. Dietetics is a small world and you will most likely see them again, so start building connections while you’re in class.

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6. Make the effort to go to class everyday.

You are paying to be there, you might as well take full advantage! Your professors will notice and your GPA will probably benefit too.

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7.  Start researching the next step.

While you don’t need to know exactly what you want to do, it’s good to start scoping out what internships or jobs that catch your eye so you can look for volunteer opportunities for a trial run.

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8. Ask for help when you need it.

You don’t always need to know all of the answers! Whether it’s a biology assignment or you are struggling with your schedule, it is always possible to get help.

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9.  Find time for fun!

You have plenty of time to be a workaholic after you graduate 😉 Put down that biochem book and go to a yoga class, have lunch with your mom, or just go and hang out with your friends! All work and no play makes the Krebs Cycle even more miserable.

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10. Make your own opportunities.

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11. Get your foot in the door.

Want to work as a clinical RD one day? Start by volunteering at a local hospital. Dream of being a sports dietitian? Scope out a local sports RD and ask if they need help for a day (or more!).

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12. Find a mentor, be a mentor.

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13. You don’t know where a volunteer opportunity will take you, so always give 100%.

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14. Eat well, take a break, and balance it all out.

You’re learning all about how to help others life a healthier lifestyle and eat well, so don’t forget to give yourself a healthy lifestyle too!

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15. Know that you’re in one of the best majors.

And that one day, you will be changing lives for the better!