10 Minute (or Less!) Youtube Workout Videos – Perfect for a Study Break!

We are deep into this first semester, which means lots of studying. I’m not sure about you, but when I get in study mode I often find myself sitting for hours and hours on end. As I sit for extended periods of time I tend to lose focus, and I know I need to step away from the computer or textbook for a bit. Even though I KNOW I need to step away, I just can’t bring myself to do it…that is until I discovered these 10 minute (or less!) Youtube workout videos.

I find that when I actually step away from the computer and do something completely not nutrition/school related, I come back more refreshed and I am more productive when I get back to work.

So, take a few minutes away from your work, turn on one of these fun 10 minute or less Youtube workout videos and give your brain a rest!

  1. Plie Squat Challenge Thigh Workout Blogilates 

  1. 10 Min Cardio Jump Workout Pop Sugar

  1. 8 Minute Abs


  1. Tush It Good Workout Tone it Up

  1. Quick Burn Arms! Incredible Arm toning Workout Blogilates


  • What is your favorite way to take a study break?



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