1. Break Body Movement Time into Bite Size Pieces

Between moving to a new city, starting graduate school and trying to keep a part time job I struggled to adjust from my previous rigorous work out routine into something that still fulfilled my need to move and work while not resulting in stretching myself too thin. As someone who also strongly dislikes sitting, I got creative and readjusted my view of what working out and fitness looked like.

When you know you are going to have a day of what I call extreme sitting, set yourself up so you can stand or stretch in the back of the classroom. I loved the “Daily” apps you can get for you smart phone because I could do 5, 8 or 10 minutes of shuffled moves for my arms or legs etc. right when I woke up or when I needed a break from studying. I also loved doing online barre3 classes and fitness blender videos with friends. Walk and talk meetings are a favorite of mine too. Redefine what getting moving looks like so it’s satisfying to you and fits your routine. Not everyone likes the gym and not everyone enjoys yoga. It’s all good.

2. Learn to Say No Thank You

With so many different and often equally wonderful opportunities in front of you to grow professionally and personally, it’s easy to slip into having a calendar with every minute, hour, day and weekend scheduled. Fairly quickly, this exciting packed schedule becomes stressful. Growing yourself professionally and seeking new opportunities and contacts is a part of your journey, but so is learning how to say no thank you. You do not have to do absolutely everything that comes your way and you do not have to feel bad for saying no to something. Even if you are saying no to something extra because you just need a moment of time just for you during which you have nothing you are suppose to be doing. Be thoughtful about your intentions behind choosing what to say yes to and that will help guide you in when to say no. How will this opportunity or experience help you grow? Why do I want to do this?

3. Take Time to Feed Yourself Well and in Good Company

I’m studying nutrition you say, I love food you say, I’m going to be an RDN you say. Of course I say, but you still need to nourish yourself so you can do all those awesome things. You are still human and probably a very busy one. All I am saying is to take time every now and then to share a meal with good company over good conversation. Conversation that is about the stuff that makes up life. It doesn’t need to be fancy food or in a fancy place, it should just be done with love. Nourishing others while they nourish you helps build everyone up (plus there might be leftovers!). Some of the best times I have had during the busiest seasons of my life are over lovingly made food accompanied by warm hugs, laughter and smiles. Feed your face and your soul.

4. Its Okay to Cry Sometimes

When we are struggling, sometimes it’s easier to put on a good face, especially around friends or family who are on very different journeys (seemingly more successful or easy). Your journey is special and it’s not fair to compare it to anyone else’s, because it will never look or be like anyone else’s and that is something to cherish. It’s hard for those who love you to love on you more when you need it, however, if you don’t let them in. It’s okay to cry. In fact, it can be very therapeutic. We grow when we work through challenges. Finding a nurturing community to be a part of such as a church, a sports group, dance studio or perhaps even your school can help provide you additional emotional support. Who can you lean on when you need to? Do you tell yourself it’s okay to feel how you are feeling?

5. Practice Kindness and Thankfulness

Show kindness towards others as often as you can but especially towards yourself. Sometimes we expect so much of ourselves we get in the rut of only seeing what we think we did wrong. Stop yourself. Take time to re-set the thoughts you are feeding yourself and others about who you truly are. When you are feeling down take a few minutes to make a list of all the things you are thankful for or a list of all of the positive and unique things about who you are. Thank others often with hand written thank you notes or kind words. If you think something nice you should share it out loud. What can you be thankful for right now? What is one thing about you that you absolutely love (physical, emotional, skill wise, etc) ?


About the Author: Lisa Carrigg is a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist with her Masters in Nutrition. She provides 1-on-1 virtual nutrition & wellness coaching at HealthyGroceryGirl.com & has an integrative, whole foods, plant based approach. She believes in meeting individuals where they are at and providing knowledge and guidance to empower them to meet their personal goals. Lisa is also a contributing expert to the Healthy Grocery Girl Membership & Community. To learn more & connect with Lisa visit HealthyGroceryGirl.com 

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