There’s no question that most dietetics student spend their time in class lectures, in laboratory experiments, and studying. But, on rare occasion, dietetics students have free time, too. While free time doesn’t come often and doesn’t stay long, it is much enjoyed. Some days, free time is best spent alone in bed with Netflix and some homemade snacks, but other days, it’s best spent with RD2BE friends outside of school. 

While getting together with all of your RD2BE friends, you probably want to leave a little bit of your nutrition courses behind. But if you’re still looking for some hints of nutrition, here are some great things to do. 

1) Go fruit or vegetable picking

This a great fall or spring activity to do with friends. It helps you get outside and get your body moving, as well as appreciate the foods you know and love. This is a great real world application of nutrition and dietetics, and your friends will be all over it. Plus, it’ll be a great Instagram opportunity, and who doesn’t love that?! Make sure to hash tag your experience with #RD2BE.

2) Have fun in the kitchen

In case you haven’t noticed yet, dietetics students can be a bit competitive. While the academic and career pressures can be a bit intense, they can also fuel a good fire. Another fun activity to do with RD2BE friends is host a cooking or baking competition! Imagine this as your food science lab to the extreme. Choose a theme or category — Chinese food, desserts, 3 ingredient recipes, or unconventional ways to use chocolate. No matter how outrageous your rules become, your friends will love hanging out and trying something new. Plus, the winner will be stoked about unlimited bragging rights. 

3) Volunteer together

While dietetics students are encouraged to volunteer in food industry settings, it can often be a little intimidating and difficult. But when you pair with RD2BE friends, the experience becomes more than just volunteering. It becomes fun, too! So get a group of friends together and pick a day to volunteer at your local food bank or soup kitchen. You can split up and conquer — between cooking, serving, and welcoming guests, there is surely a job for everyone. And you’ll be sure to feel great after your experience. 

4) Start a Vlog

With the influx of social media, RD2BE friends love to show their stuff online. This can be a great opportunity to share your knowledge and passion, as well as have some laughs with pals. Another great activity to do with your RD2BE friends is to make a video blog! It’s a blast to get ready and dressed up, and then film something incredible. You’ll have lots of laughs and make a few mistakes during your Hollywood moment, but it will be something you and your friends will be able to look back at for years to come. Who knows – you may even become an internet sensation! 

5) Netflix and potluck

There’s nothing like a good movie marathon, and a movie marathon with RD2BE’s is even better. Gather a list of your friends’ favorites and load your Netflix account. Then, make sure your friends each bring a dish of their choice, and prepare to be wowed. Even better – don’t let anyone tell each other what they’re bringing. Maybe your friends’ choices will surprise you. Snuggle up together and enjoy the very rare moment that you are free of work to do! 

There are a ton of activities that RD2BE friends can do together to further their passion and love for dietetics. While some activities are more intensive than others, they are all excellent options for gathering a group of peers and letting loose. Free time is a beautiful thing, so live it up, RD2BEs! 


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