Being an #rdtobe can be tough sometimes. Making time for homework, studying, volunteering, and working can be a balancing act, but add parenting on top of that? Moms and dads take it to a whole new level when it comes to juggling parenting and schoolwork.  Mom Lisa Gonzalez, BS-NDTR, was invited to share her sources of inspiration throughout her journey as a DPD student, diet tech, and future RD!

#rd2be Parents: Let’s Remember Why We Went Back to School

I am not yet an RD and just beyond graduation, in limbo awaiting Match Day for an internship opportunity.  Fingers crossed! I am also a mom who frequently asks herself, “Why did I go back to school?”, “Why did I choose one of the most competitive programs out there?”, “WHY DID I THINK I COULD DO THIS?”.  Let us remember why we chose this grueling path to becoming an RD as it is easy to get lost in the weeds of school, work, volunteering, raising a family, extra-curricular activities, pick-ups and drop-offs, household chores, and the to-do list goes on and on and on.   

We do it for our family!

There are many reasons why #rd2be parents make the life-altering decision to go back to school and they all stem from a single root, we all do this to better our families.  For me, I used to work in retail and my hours were long, and included nights, weekends, and holidays.  I also traveled which kept me away from my family for days at a time.  My goal in my career change is to be home at night to eat dinner with my family and on weekends to be there for their soccer games. THIS is my motivation.  Right now, we are putting in the long hours in school, studying and taking any opportunity to gain nutrition related experience, but it will all be worth it!

Who better to give advice about healthy choices and working them into your busy schedule than a MOM!

#rd2be parents are the most time efficient people I know.  I juggle many roles in a day, oscillating between mother, wife, friend, daughter, student, volunteer, employee, etc.  We have real-life perspective on maintaining a healthy lifestyle on limited time and resources.

While we try to practice what we preach, there are certainly those days when we forget to take care of ourselves in the whirlwind.  Parents, your families need you to stay healthy so they can stay healthy.  We ship our well-rested kids off to school with healthy snacks and lunches, while we rush out the door on an empty stomach and bags under our eyes. Reserve 20 minutes each day to do something for yourself, whether it’s a nap, exercise, or even a pedicure.  The 20 minutes of you-time will do more for your grades then taking that extra time to cram for your biochem test.

Happy Parent= Happy Family!  

Because we want our children to know how important college is.

The best way to teach kids how important education and lifelong learning is, is by modeling the behavior.  Even at a young age, they are watching and they are observing how hard you are working toward your goals.

We love food!

Nutrition is our passion, so we can use that to fuel our desire to advance in a field we love!

“Love what you do, and you will never work a day in your life.”


About the Author: Lisa Gonzalez graduated in May 2016 from Arizona State University with her degree in dietetics and recently earned her DTR certification. She has a previous degree in Fashion Merchandising and worked in the retail field before jumping into the world of nutrition. She has taught various nutrition classes at her daughter’s preschool and helped coordinate a nutrition program for the school. She desires to become a registered dietitian specialized in oncology and has an interest in working with the veteran population.  Her research interests include probiotics and their potential relationship with cancer.  She is a mom of two little girls, ages 5 and 6. When she has free time she enjoys camping, rock climbing, and hiking. 


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