The GRE, or Graduate Record Examination, is a standardized test all potential grad school students must take as a part of their application process. The GRE company recommends that each test taker spends at least 3 months preparing for the exam, so here are a few resources to help you earn your best score!

  1. The GRE PowerPrep II

This software was made by the test maker, so it will give you the best overview and help you get a good feel for how questions are asked in real format. It goes over each section of the test and comes with 2 practice tests. Even better? It’s free!

  1. Kaplan Test Prep 

Kaplan offers 4 different options of test prep: in-person, live online, private tutoring, or self-paced. They offer a free consultation to see which option is best for you and personalizes your plan of study. It is definitely an investment, but is worth it if this is what you are looking for.

  1. Manhattan GRE Prep

Manhattan is a great source that provides a free practice test, and even has in-depth explanations to each answer to the questions. The practice tests mirror the real GRE and track your progress, so you know what you need to focus on.

Other Tips…

-Need help with a particular topic? Head over to Khan Academy, where you’ll find instructional and in-depth videos on almost any subject.

-No time to make hundreds of vocabulary flashcards? Scour Quizlet to find some GRE vocab flashcards, already made. Just press print, and voila.

-Don’t be shy to ask for extra help if you’ve forgotten about a certain topic (looking at you, geometry). Finding a tutor could make all the difference.

-Are you still enrolled in school? Some universities offer free or reduced-fee GRE resources. Head over to your student services building to find out more.