4 Free Workouts You can do at Home

Early mornings at food service rotations, late nights completing case studies, endless hours studying for exams … life as an RD2be can be busy, challenging, and exhausting. A good sweaty workout can help you manage your stress levels and reduce your risk of certain diseases. But gym fees aren’t always in the budget. Plus, there are a lot of exercise videos online so it can be overwhelming to find the good ones. These four free workouts have been tested and have been given positive reviews. These workouts require little to no equipment and are taught by excellent instructors who have certifications in fitness.

1.) Fitness Blender

Daniel and Kelli are a husband and wife team that started Fitness Blender to offer free, credible, and safe workouts. Fitness Blender offers a huge selection of full-length video workouts that vary in intensity and focus. What I like about the workouts are you can choose what type of workout you want to accomplish and then during the workout Daniel and Kelli provide easy to understand instructions. Workouts range from kickboxing routines, total body strength training, to stretching. If you’re in the middle of studying and need an energy boost, try this 5-minute Energy Boosting Workout.

2.) Do Yoga with Me

Do Yoga with Me is one of my personal favorites, since it can be challenging to get to a yoga studio. The site has a ton of yoga classes that range from beginning to advanced and many of the classes are filmed outdoors, creating a relaxing setting. I like starting my day with yoga and this short 18-minute Morning Wake-Up class helps you become more connected to your body and leaves you feeling relaxed and focused.

3.) Rebekah Borucki

Rebekah Borucki provides a YouTube Channel full of workouts. She is a mother-of-five so she understands what a hectic lifestyle means. Her focus is on time-saving, and teaching the correct form for exercise moves. Want to make sure you’re doing plank correctly? Check out How to Plank video and follow along to check your form. 

4.) Barre3

Sadie Lincoln is an experienced fitness trainer and founder of Barre3. Barre workouts are based on a traditional ballet style of training that uses a bar. Sadie has added in elements of yoga, pilates, dance, and bodyweight moves to her workouts. It may sound like a lot but Sadie does a good job at providing effective instructions and appropriate cues. This Holiday Stress Relief video will give you a good foundation.


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