Although there are only 4 steps in becoming a Registered Dietitian, there are many sub-steps and this process may seem overwhelming at times.  Remember to take time for yourself.  Don’t forget those healthy brain foods, exercising out the stress, and that you decided to take this path because of your love of nutrition and your ultimate goal of becoming a Registered Dietitian.  Trust me, it’s so worth it!  I’ve broken down the infographic on how to become a Registered Dietitian to hopefully make it easier for you all to see the steps in a different light.  Enjoy!

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Bachelor’s Degree- Now, this is a little complicated.  You need a bachelor’s degree to get the verification statement (see step 2) but you don’t need to have majored in Nutrition and Dietetics.

Verification Statement-  This statement proves that you have completed the required coursework to be eligible for a dietetic internship.  These classes are mainly the higher level nutrition classes, along with the various science classes.

Dietetic Internship- Dealing with DICAS and DND, the application process, and interviews can really take a toll on someone but in this step, you are that much closer to becoming a registered dietitian!  Throughout this step of the process, it is important to remember to stay positive and know that you are headed for great rewards at the end of it.  In general, most internships require you to complete 1200 hours of supervised practiced.  This is not including all the extra outside work that is required, class work if you are also in a graduate program, and the extra hours at your rotation just to get in a little more experience.

Passing the nation exam-  If you have the ability and means to take the Jean Inman class or at least buy the book, do it!  Anything that you think could be on the exam, will be in this book and will be spelt out for you to comprehend to the fullest.  There are several testing centers all over the place.  The test will last for about 3 hours including a little survey at the end and then you will find out if you have passed or not.

I hope that this post clarified some things for you.  Just hang in there and remember that we’ve all been in the same position as you and there is a whole community of here that is more than eager to help!


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