3 Articles to Help You Create Your Best Study Guide Yet

Effective studying is all about finding what methods work best you.  These three articles include tips, tricks, and pictures to help you create awesome study guides.  Use an entire method, some tips, or mix and match to create a study guide that will help you ace your next test.

1. How to Make a Study Guide Using Microsoft Office by Little Flecks of Gold

In this article Emily provides an outline of steps to take to create a study guide that will help you prepare for your next exam.  She even includes an example picture of what her study guides look like.

2. How I Make and Use My Study Guides by Students Tool Box

With great pictures, Sabrina shows you exactly what her study guides look like and how to actually use them to study.  

3. The Ultimate Finals Study Guide by Hope and Mascara

Holly provides a detailed post filled with tips for gathering information and consolidating it into a simple to use study guide. 


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