Foodie April Fool’s Jokes

Foodie April Fool’s Jokes

Use your love of food to pull the best Foodie April Fool’s Jokes this year!


Brown “Es”

Cover a pan with aluminum foil and fill the pan with several of the letter “E” in brown paper. Tell the person you are attempting to fool that you made them brownies.

Make sure to make an actual batch of brownies to share after you have both had a laugh!


Drinking “Windex”

Take a Windex bottle and empty it completely. Wash the entire bottle and spray mechanism in the dish washer. Next, fill the Windex bottle with blue Gatorade. In front of your friends drink the Gatorade from the Windex bottle or squirt it into your mouth.


The Fridge is Watching

Stick googly eyes on everything in the refrigerator. No one will see this coming! ß pun intended.


Come on, Catch up (Ketchup)

Make a ketchup bottle that squirts string instead of ketchup. Here is the how to!


April Fool’s Day Cookies

Instead of making traditional chocolate chip cookies, make mashed potato and black bean cookies following this recipe. Who knows, they may even taste good!


Sunny Side up!

Place half of a canned peach in plain or vanilla yogurt on a plate and serve it as a sunny side up egg. Luckily, this will still be a tasty breakfast.


Grapes in the Candy Jar

Wrap grapes in parchment paper to look like pieces of candy. Place in a jar that is easily accessible for everyone who walks by. People will be shocked when they pop the “candy” in their mouth to find that it’s actually a grape! At least it’s a more nutritious option…


Now go and enjoy your pranking!


What April Fool’s Jokes have you done?


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