You wrote your killer personal statements, got all of your letters of recommendations submitted, and finished DICAS. Now the waiting is almost over! We recruited a few of our favorite Disney characters to help capture all of the emotions you feel on this important day….


Waking up on Match Day like…


When people tell you to “just relax”

When you’re not ready to face the week.

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 Thinking about the match rate

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 Reminding yourself that today is totally a cheat day

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 Giving yourself a pep talk

 pixar the incredibles slapping edna mode pull yourself together GIF

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Thinking about all the ways the matching algorithm could work

 disney tumblr alice in wonderland dear confusing GIF

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 Waiting, and waiting, and waiting some more…..

 disney angry mickey mouse shorts 40s GIF

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 Imagining the best possible situation

 disney shoes cinderella fairy tales happily ever after GIF

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 How you feel logging in to D&D

 disney llama bring it on kuzco emperors new groove GIF

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 Refreshing again, and again, and again…

 disney time cinderella patient miracle GIF

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P.S. Share your #MyMatchMoment!

On Match Day, when you are checking D&D Digital, and refreshing your browser a million times until 6pm CST, capture your moment of (HOPEFULLY!) getting a match OR your celebration afterwards.

A group pic with your #rd2bebesties
A shot of your not-so-healthy celebratory food + drink
A handstand in a grocery store
A selfie with your support group
A video of you hysterically laughing and crying
OR anything REALLY!

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