Nothing like the Internet for reliable nutrition information 😉 I scoured Reddit for some, uh, interesting nutrition advice and picked some of the most “unique”. Read on to find out the truth on some of these crazy myths!

  1. Reddit: “Eating protein the 1st thing in the morning before anything else will help you absorb it more and reset leptin levels”

Truth: Eating protein in the morning is a great way to stay full, but it won’t help you “absorb” it better if you eat it first thing in the morning. However, eating a protein that is of high biological value (aka “complete protein”) will help you get all of the amino acids your body doesn’t produce and pack a bigger punch than a protein source of low BV. As for leptin, this key hormone is mainly regulated by adipose tissue, and it is not influenced by immediate protein consumption in the AM (or any time of day, for that matter).

  1. Reddit: “Skipping breakfast then eating high-carb foods for lunch leads to diabetes because the glucose shocks your system”

Truth: Science has shown that there are many benefits to eating breakfast, but skipping it will not result in diabetes. Diabetes, assuming they are talking about type 2, is a multifactorial disease and skipping breakfast every now and again and eating carbs won’t cause it. However, eating breakfast full of healthy carbs, such as fiber, will keep you full and focused throughout the day.

  1. Reddit: “Lemon-cucumber infused water will detox you”

Truth: Your liver and kidneys are pros at the whole detoxing business. Lemon and cucumbers might taste good, but they won’t have any “detox” effect.

  1. Reddit: “Your bones can regulate your appetite”

Truth: Maybe they’re thinking of hydroxyapatite? That’s the mineral that makes up your teeth and bones. However, your bones have nothing to do with your appetite!

  1. Reddit: “You can remove fat from ground beef by rinsing it with water”

Truth: Rinsing your meat with water won’t reduce the fat content, but you might spread some nasty germs. Try buying leaner ground beef (at least 88% lean) or wait until it cooks and pour the grease off instead.


What’s the craziest nutrition advice you’ve ever heard? Sound off!


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