From the second senior year rolls around and you decide on your nutrition and dietetics major, you’re bound to get asked a few questions. There aren’t many people knowledgable in the profession of dietetics, and maybe your parents are even included. By becoming an RD2BE, you’re signing up for 4 years of questions – some about you or the field, and some about incredibly personal topics. At first you may feel unfit to answer these kinds of things, but you’ll be confident in your answers in no time. By the time you enter your dietetic internship, you’ll have heard them all and will have some sound responses down. Here are the top 20 questions all dietetics students get asked.

1. What exactly is the field dietetics?

2. …Oh. So you’re a nutritionist?

3. Are you a vegan then?

4. What’s your take on the Paleo diet? Whole30? Atkins Diet?

5. What do you even learn in your classes?

6. Wait, you actually take cooking class?

7. How did you even hear about this profession?

8. What kind of places will you work at when you graduate?

9. Ok… so can I ask you about my poop?

10. Are you judging me for getting Starbucks?

11. …What about Chipotle?

12. Want to cook me all my dinners from now on instead?

13. So, are you kind of like a nurse?

14. You actually know all of those fancy medical terms?

15. Do you have a food blog I can follow?

16. What about a foodie Instagram?

17. Should I be taking a teaspoon of apple cider vinegar every morning?

18. What about coconut oil?

19. So can you make me a meal plan?

20. Why are you an RD2BE?

Of course, some questions are out of curiosity more than selfishness, but you will always come across the person wanting free consultations. While the common person may not know much about dietetics, you have the opportunity to share information and knowledge. The questions may get repetitive, but the field never does. Even the simplest question can fuel your fire for nutrition, and every question can be a beautiful thing.

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