We’ve all been there.  Multiple times.  You’re out with family or friends and someone asks you what you are studying in school.  You’re so excited to tell them “Dietetics!” and once you do you get bombarded with those questions that every dietetic student has now begun to memorize and even dread.  I’ve listed the top 7 that I always seem to get, but please feel free to let us know some of the awkward requests or questions that you may have gotten in the comments section!

1. Can you make me a meal plan?


2. So you’re going to tell people not to eat the “good stuff”?


3. Are you going to judge what I eat now?


4. How do you feel about cleanses?


5. Wait, you’re a dietitian and you’re going to eat that?


6. Oh, I can’t wait for you to help me lose weight!


7. Here, this is what I’ve eaten in the past 24 hours, what should I change?


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