Find Your Perfect Dietetic Internship

Your dietetic internship is the gateway. Make sure you decide what is right for you. Do your research! Deciding where to apply for your Dietetic Internships is a crucial yet stressful process. You will have to search through your options. Continue reading

20 Questions All Dietetics Students Get Asked

From the second senior year rolls around and you decide on your nutrition and dietetics major, you're bound to get asked a few questions. There aren't many people knowledgable in the profession of dietetics, and maybe your parents are even included.. Continue reading

Let’s Talk About E-Portfolios

Let's talk about e-portfolios. E-Portfolios are websites that some programs will ask you to make that highlight your experience and personal goals. Think of it like a visual application, where you are including work examples, pictures of you "in. Continue reading

Tackle Your Transcripts Like a Champ

First, I have a 6-minute webinar called FIGURING OUT TRANSCRIPTS, which you can find here. But for a breakdown via blog post, read on! The main steps are to: 1. Complete Colleges Attended section and input all colleges and universities in. Continue reading

Do You Have Enough Dietetics Experience?

I want to talk about dietetics experience. The whole point of getting dietetics experience is because internship directors want to know how prepared you are for an internship and a career in dietetics. What better way to prepare for clinical. Continue reading