Since 2008, we’ve built up the confidence of thousands of dietetic internship applicants. 

We’ve worked with those that didn’t get matched once, twice, three times, and even four times, get into their dream dietetic internships. Because it is all about not only knowing my “recipe”, but also having a coach give you the CONFIDENCE to apply it. 



No paid dietetics experience…MATCHED 

International student with English as a second language….MATCHED.

Career changer that went back to school in a distance DPD….MATCHED

40+ years old….MATCHED.

An applicant that failed to match FOUR times that then decided to work with us….MATCHED.


“The fact that my coach Laura was honest and direct made my application shine!!!

She was clearly knowledgeable about the field, the application process and common application pitfalls, and how to make the most of my experiences. Laura asked questions that forced me to address areas that would have weakened my application. My personal statement and resume were greatly enhanced from working with my coach Laura. Laura was SO AWESOME and I am thrilled to report that I was accepted to my top choice program!!!!!” -L.M.

“I do not know what my application would look like if I didn’t have you helping me…

I am so thankful for All Access Internships, it has pushed my application to a new level that I wouldn’t be able to achieve with you as a coach.” – Breanna Cecil, worked with Coach Katie Proctor

“Jenny Westerkamp is soooooo AMAZING!…

She really knows about dietetic internship application, and knows what the dietetic internship programs want. She is very professional, and I really enjoyed working with her! My case is a little tough: international student (non-native speaker), low GPA (got a of Cs), and failed to get matched twice. I almost gave up my dream of becoming a registered dietitian, and went back to my country, but Jenny saved my dream. I always work hard, but not in a correct way, Jenny helped me make my every effort count. Eventually, I got matched to Sodexo Dietetic Internship! I know couldn’t do this without Jenny. I feel so fortunate to work with her, and I can’t say enough thanks to her!” -C.J.

“Working with Katie was the best thing I could have done…

during the application process. I purchased the VIP coaching pass and this allowed Katie to really help me through every step of the application. She provided a lot of support and was very knowledgeable. Katie helped me feel confident throughout the entire process. She completely overhauled my personal statement and after many drafts and reviews I was very proud of it. I highly recommend working with Katie as she was instrumental in me matching to my first choice internship!” – Caitlin Weis

“I was surprised by how professional my phone call with Aubrey was…

She directed the conversation well and really gave me the feedback I needed. I enjoyed the coaching call since I got to speak to her directly and get immediate feedback on my ideas. She was obviously experienced. Her edits for my documents were fast, but the quality was not lacking. I liked that she did reply to some of the comments I inserted in my documents. That was helpful since I was not talking to her directly about why I wrote what I wrote.”

“Brittany really helped me brainstorm and get off to a great start.

And then continued to help me improve over the course of all the reviews. She always answered all my questions and sent all revisions back in a timely manner. I definitely felt this to be very helpful and took alot of stress off during this application process. I would recommend this in the future to others about to go through the dietetic application process.”


“I had a great experience with AAI. I highly recommend it to anyone who is applying for a DI.

Without Jenny, I would have been completely lost. She was quick on her responses to my emails from the very beginning. Throughout the whole application process, she was pretty much available to me 24/7 to answer any questions or provide feedback. I especially liked that she helped me to figure out which internships to apply to since I had a list of about 10+. She gave me contact information of current interns which REALLY helped. I honestly could go on forever about how wonderful and helpful Jenny was. Most importantly, she was personable and fun to work with. The last 6 months would have been incredibly stressful without her help and guidance. She helped to put my nerves at ease and gave me the confidence that I needed to believe that I deserved a spot as a dietetic intern.”

“I felt so confident this 3rd time around applying for internships…

Mainly in part to discovering this wonderful organization and to my coach Katie (Braun) and to you, Jenny… Tears, frustration, obsessively compulsing over my personal statement, application and the added stress in terms of financial all paid off when I applied to 2nd round and got accepted into Oklahoma State University dietetic internship.”

“I matched to my number one choice!

The advice you gave me was so incredibly valuable from December-February, and I felt so much more confident knowing that I had an experienced and knowledgeable RD behind me to guide me. From our first email/call exchange I felt that you truly understood who I was as a nutrition student, which helped to make this such a smooth process. You helped me get straight to the point and accentuate my strengths fluidly and often. The tips and tricks you gave, while still encouraging me to keep my application “me,” are what has led to this moment!I can’t thank you enough. Your services, and those of AAI as a whole, have been recommended by me a million times over!” – Maria Dellanina

“I am a second career dietetics student, and I purchased the interview coaching.

My goal was to gain confidence about the interview, and Esther was so helpful in achieving that! In our 45 minute call, we brainstormed ideas on how to answer questions and I felt more than prepared for my interviews. My experience was excellent and I would recommend it to all students applying for DICAS – undergrad and second career students.”

“Gabrielle was supportive, constructive and really helped me improve my personal statement to the best it can be.

She helped me concisely hone in on the points that needed to be expressed and was comforting through the whole process. My resume looked great as well and the edits were wonderful to work off of! I felt confident to submit it and she helped strengthen my weak points. She gave me insight for what internships may look for. In fact I got matched!”


“Within two months of passing my RD exam, I was hired by Emory Healthcare as an inpatient clinical dietitian. 


“With the help from AAI, I managed to get into the Augusta Area University Internship. Three months after graduating, I was hired by DaVita as a renal dietitian.”


“I am now an RD working at Florida Hospital Inpatient and Outpatient Diabetes Center. I love my job, and AAI became a foundation and stepping stone to my success!”


“Currently, I am an adjunct professor of nutrition at Palm Beach State College. I am also gearing up to launch my private practice called Know How 2 Nourish.”


“I was matched to my number 1 choice for dietetic internship! I am currently working in an outpatient cased functional medicine clinic as an integrative dietitian.”



The majority of our matched clients get their first or second choice!

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