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Since 2008, we have helped thousands of dietetic students by taking the stress out of the dietetic internship application process. We are thrilled to give you the clarity and confidence that you need to become a dietitian.


You'll get access to free resources and a private community forum, but there is no support from a coach.You'll work with your coach to improve your resume and personal statement. You’ll also get exclusive application resources to support your coaching experience.You'll work with your coach on your resume, personal statement, DICAS, and interview, and also get exclusive application resources.You'll get unlimited coaching from AAI Founder, Jenny Westerkamp for your ENTIRE application process from choosing where to apply through Match Day.
Dietetic Internship Database (details)
Browse profiles of all dietetic internships and ISPPs with our easy-to-use database.
Community Forum Access (details)
Join thousands of dietetics students in our private Facebook support group.
Exclusive Dietetics Opportunities (details)
Find unique dietetics opportunities to get relevant experience with an RD!
PDF Resources (details)
Access over 20 downloadable tip sheets on topics ranging from impressing directors to navigating distance dietetic internships.
Jenny's Coaching Videos (details)
Watch Jenny's 25+ coaching videos to help you understand HOW to create a competitive application.
Webinars (details)
Attend Jenny's webinars or view recordings, including Dietetic Internships 101, Q&A Webinars, and more!
E-Books (details)
Read downloadable guidebooks to fully understand what it takes to become a dietitian.
Personal Statement Templates and Samples (details)
Use our proven templates and view samples to see what it takes to write a competitive personal statement.
Resume Templates and Samples (details)
Follow our resume template used by hundreds of successfully matched applicants!
DICAS Tutorial and Samples (details)
Watch instructional videos on how to complete DICAS and see a sample to ensure you're doing it right.
175 Sample Interview Questions (details)
Dive into these practice interview questions so you know what to expect.
Coaching Calls (details)
Use a coaching call to brainstorm your personal statement, review revisions, ask DICAS questions, or get help with any other aspect of your application.
One 30-minute callTwo 30-minute callsunlimited
Personal Statement Coaching (details)
Your coach will review one personal statement in 3 rounds of revision via email. They will suggest ways to sell yourself, help you avoid common applicant mistakes, and catch any grammar errors.
1 personal statement1 personal statementunlimited statements /revisions
Resume Coaching (details)
Your coach will review one resume in 2 rounds of revision via email. They will give you feedback on how to best highlight your expeirence, improve content, and fix grammar.
1 resume1 resumeunlimited revisions
Additional Content Review (details)
Your coach will review any additional content up to 1500 words total in 1 round of revision. This can be another PS, or a combination of ending paragraphs, or essays.
Up to 1500 wordsunlimited content reviewed
DICAS Review (details)
Your coach will review your DICAS application in 1 round of revision via email to make sure it is complete and free of any errors.
1 reviewunlimited reviews
Interview Coaching (details)
Your coach will discuss strategies and practice mock interview questions with you in this 45-minute call.
45-minute callunlimited
Email Support (details)
Ask Jenny any questions related to the application process.
Coach There is no coach included.You'll work with your own dedicated AAI Coach. You'll work with your own dedicated AAI Coach. You'll work with Jenny Westerkamp, AAI Founder.
FREE1 payment of $1992 payments of $2993 payments of $699
sign upsign up / upgradesign up / upgradejoin waitlist
*unlimited coaching is for one application season


Our top 5 strategies for making sure you have the best coaching experience possible can be found HERE.
According to our most recent client survey, 80% of our coaching clients were matched! This is 30% more than the national match rate of 50%.
Basic Pass: no deadline
Premium Pass: 2 weeks before deadline
VIP Pass: 3 weeks before deadline
All Access Pass: 1 month before deadline
Meet the coaches here!
Meet Jenny here!
You select a membership level, and then you are sent an email with a link to create a member account. If you sign up for the Premium, VIP, or All Access, you will also receive a new client form and instructions. You will be connected to your coach who will reach out to you to begin the fun!
Yes, you can upgrade at anytime before each membership's deadline.
Yes! You will first get matched to a coach who you can brainstorm with before you have your materials ready.
The timeline for our edits largely depends on the client. Our coaches work on a 3-business day turn-around schedule.
So for example, if you send your 1st draft on Tuesday, you should expect to receive your revisions by the end of business on Friday. Then it is up to you to make the changes and send back to your coach. Some clients send documents back to their coach the next day, others wait a week or more.
Memberships cannot be fully refunded, but partial refunds may be given if coaching services never started.
For the VIP Pass, you will pay your first payment immediately and then your second payment one month later.

For the ALL ACCESS Pass, you will pay your first payment immediately, second payment one month later, and third payment one month after that.